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There is no sign up, you just choose the category and channel and watch it!For easier navigation we list the channels BY CATEGORY where there are 250 selected channels in 13 categories.The hollowness of ground like this could not have been overlooked, had not the more sober judgment of the elder school of German theology been neglected or forgotten : ' Si qua Apollonis scriptio exstaret,' observes the truly learned Wolfe, , a word, it will be observed, which occurs but in one instance through- out Saint Paul's epistles, is quoted as a cilicism, upon the authority of S. 3.) it stands in connection with the virtue of hospitality ; the word, ;v ex o-to'/x«toj xzwtoc, — as though the Apostle, in both 44 APOSTOLICAL AUTHORITY OF [SECT. places, drew his image from his own experience, I Cor.

' Every man whatever has a peculiar style, which may be discovered by nice examination and comparison. allow, a comparative survey of all the Epistles of Saint Paul ; beginning with the comparison of words ; proceeding to the comparison of contexts ; and extending to the development of the style and structure of each of those Epistles as a whole. 9, the term Siarpov, peculiar to these epistles in a figurative sense, strengthen the above argument from allusions to the games : allusions which distinguish between Saint Paul, and all the other penmen of the New Testament. Seriously to discuss a theory like this, would be to wrestle with a phan- tom Ter frustra comprensa manus effugit imago, Par levibus ventis, volucrique simillima somno. * Lucam autem hujus epistolse scriptorem osten- dunt, etiam vocabula et loquendi genera qusedam Lucas velut propria : sv\x§Ei;, ts Xsiocu— ts Asjcot^j, Ipo^og— rps^M, aywvlty[j.ai— uv Tuycovl^ojj.a.1, . Such visionary theorizing recalls to mind the imaginary controversy, commemorated by a late celebrated writer, respecting the parentage of the Pictish language ; of which, by confession of the rival disputants, there survived only a single word ; one syllable of which was strenuously claimed by the champion of the Picts, and the other, no less strenuously, by the advocate of the Scots : — with this difference and disadvantage, however, on the side of the Berlin Professor, that he has not to show, in support of his ingenious theory, of the writing of Apollos, so much as that single word. (In the last two places, almsgiving is the common theme) : and Rom. 6 ayjao-jaoj ivjawv a7rl;£c O"6ai airo T»jg mopvutxc,.

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