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When he completed his education, it was extremely difficult and hazardous to return to Tibet.The Kilung Foundation worked for three years to help him get back to Dzachuka, and Khenpo Thubzang is now working tirelessly to provide monastic education at the Kilung Monastery, so that others do not have to leave their community and endure the hardships he did.

But with the Chinese authorities significantly restricting border crossings to make sure local children don’t leave, it is more important than ever to provide Tibetan education within Tibet.The cost is less than 0 per student a month, but it still adds up!We are actively seeking benefactors and supporters to fund the ongoing costs of these two schools.The first nine-year program of the revitalized shedra program was very successful, but the building itself was severely damaged by leaks in its traditional earthen roof, which was unable to withstand the increased rainfall in the region.So this November, after a six-month renovation of the building including a new roof, funded by the Kilung Foundation, a fresh group of 30 young monks began their nine-year training.

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