Nigerian online dating scam photos

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In many cases, once the scammer has successfully groomed the target and gained their trust, they will attempt to alienate and isolate the person from their family, friends and colleagues.

It is also very common for victims to become targets for further scams.

For example, if your outgoing grandparent suddenly becomes withdrawn, that’s a sign something could be wrong.

Did your best friend meet someone online that smells a bit (cat)fishy to you?

Everyone wants closure, but not everyone gets it - especially those who have been conned. - a national information-sharing system available through a secure Internet site for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.

Try searching online for the scammer’s details, which will often lead to anti-scam websites where the scammer is already known. You can also show them how many people get scammed every year by using the types of scams data on this website or by referring them to other real life stories.

A representative of your local police or scam victim support group may also be willing to talk things through.

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