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During one particularly disastrous talk I gave to a chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, I took the stage only to realize I’d brought the wrong speech.I had agreed to pontificate on how self-employed professionals could stay organized.Bree ran the San Francisco chapter of The Learning Annex, that mainstay of adult education courses for the personal-growth set.

And I discovered there were two types of us: people who lived to write, and self-appointed experts hoping to get rich and famous.

Rather than follow any of the aforementioned advice, I zigzagged along like the harried freelancer I’d become, rushing from column deadline to media interview to public event and back again, trying to keep both my Amazon ranking and checking account from tanking, often pulling all-nighters to keep up. My inbox began to crowd with angry “WHERE’S YOUR STORY? Each Monday morning ushered in a new round of deciding which late project to finish first.

Sometimes I’d arrive at my public talks on two hours of sleep.

We proudly positioned the blurb announcing his lecture at the front of the newsprint catalog on its own two-page spread, rather than tucked away amid the litany of courses taught by shamans, sexperts, and self-professed real estate tycoons. Apparently, I learned, gurus are people too, even gurus lining the self-help shelves of friendly neighborhood bookstores.

They aren’t infallible, all-knowing oracles above worrying about their generous muffin top or widening backside.

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