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She is also very idealistic, and expects everyone around her to live up to her own expectations, lofty as they may seem at times.

Like Cory, Riley also prefers to maintain her own belief in things despite disagreement from others; this trait mainly applies to Maya, upon whom Riley never gives up hope as shown in Girl Meets Pluto.

He would go on and on about how great of a man he was and how I should be lucky to have him.

He too had sad stories of how his mom put him out and chose his step dad over him. I even tried to get him mental help and even though he took the steps, I just couldn’t put up with his jealousy and insecurities any longer.

Or, if they do something nice for you, they feel entitled to a reward, and if you don’t do what they want, they are entitled to punish you. Your partner embarrasses you in front of other people or talks badly behind your back. They might talk to other people about how bad they have it and how hard it is to date someone like you.

They might call you fat in front of your friends, or make fun of your clothes. You don’t understand what went wrong, or why your partner acts the way they do or what you can do to make things better.

You might want to go to the movies–your partner will make sure you go out to dinner instead. He or she might even brag about the fact that they have left a trail of tears behind them.

You might be terrified of what your partner will say or do if you tell them. He used to put you up on a pedestal…and now all he does is try to tear you down. From little things to big things, you feel like your partner never listens. They lie about things they don’t need to lie about. They can swear on their life that they are not lying. A healthy person is consistent in the way they treat people, regardless of their status. Your partner has a bad reputation or a tradition of “messy relationships”.

She also layers her clothing, preferring to wear long sleeves or T-shirts under dresses and dawning skirts, vests, jackets and various cardigans along with boot-cut or bellbottom jeans.

Ri-Ri (Gammy and Harriet)Riles, Pumpkin, Honey, Sweetie, Rapunzel, Petunia, Riley the Sweet (by Maya)Little Pangers, Niche (by Eric)Super Klutz (by everyone off-screen)Miley Flatshoes, Siley Cashews (by herself in Girl Meets Farkle's Choice)Sweetie (by Maya and Cory in Girl Meets Pluto Morotia M.

Black (by herself, only in Girl Meets Yearbook)Black Swan (by Maya in Girl Meets Yearbook)Sally (by Maya in Girl Meets Semi-Formal)Little Zippy, Pippi Longstocking (by Harley Keiner)Pretty Brunette (by Lucas Friar)Jexica (by herself)Roberta (by Señora Feinstein-Chang)Bubbles (by Isadora Smackle)Baby Cory, Second Generation Cory Matthews (by Shawn)Dorothy (by Eric, Maya and Renee)Little Miss Perfect / Little Miss Perfect Life (by Renee)Patient Zero (her fantasy)Bright Eyes (by Two-Shoes Louie)Blinky The Nun (by Sister Mary Beth)Cory Matthews (father) Topanga Matthews (mother) August Matthews (brother) Eric Matthews (uncle) Joshua Matthews (uncle) Morgan Matthews (aunt) Alan Matthews (paternal grandfather) Amy Matthews (paternal grandmother) Jedidiah Lawrence (maternal grandfather) Rhiannon Lawrence (maternal grandmother)Prudence Curtis(maternal great-aunt)Rosie Mc Gee (maternal great-grandmother) Nana Boo Boo (paternal great-grandmother) Riley Matthews is the main character and title character of Girl Meets World.

Her father, Cory Matthews is her ninth grade history teacher at Abigail Adams High School, where Riley interacts with her best friends Maya Hart, Farkle Minkus, and Lucas Friar. Physically, the adolescent Riley is a beautiful young woman; She has a heart-shaped face, a light complexion, and dark brown eyes with matching hair that reaches her mid back; she typically wears her hair down, straight or wavy, but occasionally wears it in a braid, bun, or ponytail.

She has a slim and marginally athletic physique, and is of above-average height, which contributes significantly to her physical awkwardness, mainly her longer legs over which she has little control.

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