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The dynamic bitrate streaming ensure viewer bandwidth detection and smooth HD streaming.Sign up now to try our video hosting and live streaming video services Need to learn how to protect streaming video from being stolen?Normally, people buy a SIM free phone when they want to own the handset outright and take out a SIM only deal.This reduces the cost of a monthly plan as you are only paying the network for your minutes, texts and data allowance.It is as simple as open the App and start broadcasting.

Your viewers must be block to illegally download your videos.Normally, people buy the phone and then choose a SIM only deal for their calls and data.All of our SIM free phones come unlocked, so you can choose whichever network you like – while Samsung Galaxy phones have to be used in the UK.Whats App creates an account using your phone number, which removes the need to create a username and password that must be memorized, and also facilitates quick adding of your existing address book contacts who have already signed up with Whats App.The app stays logged in once you've completed the signup process, and you'll be notified of missed messages and calls while offline, whenever you go back online.

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