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Some of the areas covered include: - Understanding what women want and desire - How to build an attractively awesome social life - Creating the perfect first, second, and third date - Building a mindset of abundance: meeting women - Unleashing the man within by deepening your masculine polarity - Go from getting her phone number to easily setting up the first date - How to be a ‘grounded’ man and create a happy and loving relationship The Grounded Man - The Importance of Self-Reliance in Men - Your Purpose is Everything - You Are What You Value - It’s About Building Momentum - Always Invest in Yourself - Building an Awesome Social Life - Deepen Into Your Masculine Polarity The Internal Mindset - You Are Enough - Love Yourself More Than Anyone in the World - Unleash Your Values onto Others - Always Be Having Fun - Freedom from Outcome Will Set You Free - Walking the World with Absolute Abundance - Be Entitled to What You Want Understanding What Women Want - Value, Money, and Physical Looks - Emotions vs.In alignment with a few of my other articles, I DO NOT have the secret recipe for dating success.Because that is what becoming a grown woman is all about- learning from your mistakes, taking responsibility for your love life and accepting no less than what you deserve.

Andrew Ferebee offers a playbook for men to go from being a single man to having the woman of your dreams.He teaches you how to turn fear of rejection into your ally and eliminate approach anxiety, including actionable content.It offers a 7-step system to shift your mindset and give you the courage to take action and change your life.While it might be relatively easy for girls to get a guy (or girl), it’s just as difficult for them to get the one they want.Supply may meet demand but not all goods are substitutable in the monopolistically competitive dating market.

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