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is set in the cut-throat world of the start-up gold rush, where Three young entrepreneurs share this obsession with greatness in an elite shared workspace known as “The Forge”; a hotbed of competition and sexual tension where no one is safe from elimination.

It seemed to be a lot of girls screaming ‘I LIKE STRIPES’. But then I started making boards, and following people like Joanna Goddard and Samantha Hahn and Le Fashion and Anna Hoffman, people with immaculate taste who know what I’ll like before I do, and realised that hey, Pinterest is interesting and effortless and fun and stimulating!

I felt like the characters were realistically portrayed – they’re funny, smart and sarcastic people at various stages in their lives: single, in a relationship, settled in a career, still trying to decide what to do with their lives.

I even felt like I would get along with Abigail and her friends if they were real people (although I don’t think I would be able to keep up with the swearing and the drinking).

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she’s not just a new recruit, but the new Captain who wanted a view from the trenches. If they don’t repin, hey, c’est la oh well, as they say. ) Back to the point: the lovely people at St Martins Press suggested I create special boards about my upcoming book series BROOKLYN GIRLS on Pinterest. I’ve styled them up in two different themes, just to see which is more popular, and maybe if people like them and think they’re funny / interesting they’ll repin them, and maybe they’ll reach new audiences who might like the cut of my jib and decide to read the books. ' Star Magazine Left me with a warm feeling and a great big smile on my face.' Burton Mail Smart, plotty and funny, The Dating Detox is the work of a master.' Dublin Evening News Warm and witty, and a feast of fun!centers on the cops of LAPD’s Harbor Division, who bristle at the idea of another armchair outsider taking their fired Captain’s place.

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