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FROST, SUPER-AMERICAN ( by Dan Zolnerowich), and The BLACK OWL!!

Debuting in MOM #108 will be a pair of heroes- the mysterious mage known as TAO ANWAR, and Fiction House comics’ gritty, trenchfighting COMMANDO RANGER, as drawn by Artie Saaf.

Then, DINOSAUR GIRL makes a surprise return in “Recalled To Duty”, written and drawn by creator Rock Baker, with inks by Bill Black.

Finally, an “encore presentation” of a classic story originally seen only in the Bizarre Thrills TPB, ” Team Paragon: Time And Time Again”, which ties up tons of loose plotlines from the original Pre-AC Comics Paragon Publications line AND ties all that in with the AC Universe. VICTORY, TARA, NIGHTVEIL, BLONDE BOMBER, The STARMASTERS, The SHIMMERER, SCARLET SCORPION, GORGANNA, NO-NOSE NANNETTE, CAPTAIN PARAGON, BLACK COMMANDO, ASTRON, The SHADE and other AC/PARAGON greats come together in this feature-length extravaganza, written and inked by Bill Black and penciled by Eric Coile. AC COMICS JANUARY 2018 PREVIEWS FOR MARCH 2018 SHIP Femforce #182 Company Name: AC Comics Address: P. Box 394 Plymouth, Florida 32768-0394 Phone Number:(407)767-0199 Email Address: [email protected]: Femforce Frequency: Quarterly Issue/Number 182 UPC Code: 799475804861-18211 Retail Price: .95 Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″ Page Count: 80 pages Color: Black and White (with color covers) Intended Audience: All ages Genre: Action/adventure/superhero/glamor Country of Origin: USA Ship Date: March 28, 2018 Writers: Bill Black, Eric Lindberg, Lou Mougin, Andrew Hawnt, Stephanie Heike, Mark G. Artists: Bill Black, Javier Lugo, Dan Gorman, Francesco Savi, David Matsuoka, Thomas Haryono, Chris Dreier, Scott Shriver, and Jeff Austin .

Jack Cole’s MIDNIGHT fits the same profile, and he’s here this ish as well, as MIDNIGHT, Doc and the gang get tangled up in a crooked boxing match in a story from Smash #74.

Then, an UNTOLD TALE of the 1950’s sends MS VICTORY near the Arctic Circle to unravel “The Polar Bare Affair”; again written by Bossman Bill Black, and illustrated by Dave Matsuoka..

Add it all up, and it’s the MOM standard 140 pages of great full-story reprints in black and white (inside a full-color cover), printed at standard comic book size, and saddle stitched, for .95. Find out how all these disparate elements fit together in “Another Brick In The Wall”, a FEMFORCE lead feature in three chapters, written by Mark Heike, with art by Dave Matsuoka, Jeff Austin, Javier Lugo, Dan Gorman and Chris Dreier.

Later, STARDUST must navigate a bizarre encounter at the edge of the universe in “Heart Of A Sun”, written by Andrew Hawnt with art by Scott Shriver.

Looking inside this issue’s iconic Edd Ashe cover (originally published on an issue of Fox Features’ Mystery Men comics), the discerning reader will find a top-flight adventure starring STORMY FOSTER-THE GREAT DEFENDER: “The Four Feathers Of Death”, with evocative art by Rudy Palais; originally seen in a 1943 issue of Hit Comics; The FLAME in “The Tomb Of The Tortured Death”, illustrated by the Cazeneuve brothers (Louis and Arturo) first printed in Fox’s Big Three Comics #7, January, 1942; Mr SCARLET and PINKY in “Music of Madness” from Wow Comics #35, drawn by Harry Anderson; RUSTY RYAN and the BOYVILLE BRIGADEERS fighting The Black Dragon Society from Feature #59, with art by Paul Gustavson; cover feature The BLUE BEETLE in “Death At The Ball”, also from Big Three #7-drawn by Al Carreno; The RED COMET( by Saul Rosen) in an untitled story originally published in Fiction House Comics’ Planet #18, BLACKHAWK in “The Flying Tank Platoon” (from Quality Comics’ Blackhawk #106), illustrated by Dick Dillin and BH creator Chuck Cuidera; CAPTAIN TRIUMPH facing off against the villianous Ruby Conn from Hit Comics, drawn by Reed Crandall and Cuidera; Bob Powell’s MAN IN BLACK in “Betrayed”; LADY LUCK tangling with the impessionist painter. Will the one-time FF member BLONDE BOMBER get involved in the situation, and if she does, will it be to try to SAVE RAD, or to KILL her?

Salvador Dilly in an untitled story drawn by Fred Schwab; CAPTAIN FREEDOM and the YOUNG DEFENDERS from Speed #37, delineated by the highly-underrated Ernie Schroeder; Ajax-Farrel’s version of The BLACK COBRA in “Deadline For Danger”, drawn by Robert Hayward Webb; never-previously-reprinted episodes of Fiction House’s SPACE RANGERS and CAPTAIN TERRY THUNDER; plus this issue’s MOM “premiere” character, CAPTAIN WIZARD, in a VERY surreal story (that must be SEEN to be appreciated) from Captain Wizard #1, illustrated by Jack Alderman. Meanwhile, as TARA takes some R&R on her Jungle Island preserve, she stumbles upon a small group of mysterious paramilitary types up to no good there.

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