Aubrey plaza dating jeff baena

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Even so, the Delaware native says she finds most things funny. Whether it was a sh-tty job, a boring class, or anything, my brain is always looking at it through that lens," she explains.

"It's probably some kind of defense mechanism." Plaza gets plenty of laughs in , a coming-of-age comedy set in 1993 about a recent high school graduate who makes it her mission to hook up with multiple men before her freshman year of college.

about wanting everyone to "let your freak flag fly" and, after playing a lesbian in a handful of movies, how she feels about getting hit on by women."I don't mind. Meanwhile, she told the magazine the LGBT community loving her "makes sense.""I feel like I operate in an old-school way that only gays truly understand.

"Sometimes when you're shooting independent movies the pacing of it is so crazy, it all feels like you're in the army." PHOTOS: Hollywood's hottest bad girls When the star looked at her shooting schedule for , she remembers, "it was like 'so today I'm gonna have to give someone a bl-w job, hump a pillow, masturbate in front of everyone.' So I'd be like ' Oh, my god,' and I would let myself freak out about it for like three minutes in my trailer, and then I would be like 'done.' I'm in the army, I have to just do it, ignore everyone else, and just make it funny," she says. I can't help it." WATCH: Zac Efron Rocks Frosted Tips to Channel His 'Hero' Zack Morris at 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' Premiere The guy Plaza is currently in love with is her director Jeff Baena, who she has been dating for years now."My tastes are like an older gay man's, and I think that's who I really am."I think like, the fact that it was a comedy, I got to find the humor in it." One person who never fails to make Plaza laugh is her boyfriend, screenwriter/director Jeff Baena.Baena, the writer and director, was wandering around the Cloisters the other weekend with his girlfriend, Aubrey Plaza, the actor. “I haven’t been here in almost twenty years,” he said.

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