7 signs you are dating the right person

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Knowing how much time you need away from having a close emotional connection with another person is a uniquely personal decision that will depend greatly on how you feel.

After a breakup, you are often coping with hurt feelings and your own reactions to the breakup.

So, if you’ve accepted that you can’t expect someone to fit an exact blueprint (right down to height, accent and career) and yet know exactly what core values you want to share, there’s a good chance you’ll be meeting the love of your life soon.

Do you feel like you have more loving energy than ever?

When you’re surrounded by reminders of romance, this is a sign that your vibration is “in tune” with love.

As such, it’s often something you’ll notice shortly before you encounter the partner you’ve been waiting to meet.

We tend to feel hollow, uninspired and melancholy when we don’t have a passion or purpose, and so we attract partners and dynamics that mirror this low level of satisfaction.

Once you’ve uncovered the unique gift (or gifts) that will make you flourish when you share it with the world, you’ll be vibrating on just the right frequency to attract a committed, joyful relationship as well.

So many Law of Attraction success stories stress the importance of releasing your goal.

When that work is complete, you’ll really know yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin, and be ready to engage in the exhilarating process of lifelong growth with another person.

If you’ve recently discovered your life’s purpose, the love of your life may well be just around the corner.

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